Industrial Machine Cleaning Asheville

As an industrial business owner in Asheville, NC, you should be conversant with the importance of using a professional cleaning service for your machines and working environment cleaning. Regarding the law binding Industrial Cleaning in Asheville, NC, Avex is familiar with them all, and we can get the job done without stress.

Avex is an Asheville-based company that offers various industrial cleaning services for different industries using the latest and environmentally safe technologies. Our cleaning service extends across different sectors, including chemical, power, pulp & paper, petroleum, municipalities, terminal, and the military.

Depending on business type, industrial cleaning may involve the handling and disposal of toxic, hazardous, or other flammable materials, which are best managed by experts. In some cases, decontamination and systematic disinfecting may be required by warehouses, while others may depend on general cleaning and maintenance that align with existing standards.

As an Asheville NC industrial cleaning professional, we have the right tools for any project size, duration, and scope, and our clients can attest to how we can timely get the job done. Our technicians are certified with the necessary training and certification required by the regulatory across all levels. Our teams of expert technicians are knowledgeable on how to appropriately use the cutting edge tools to complete companies’ projects safely and effectively.

Some of the services offered include;

  • Above ground tank cleaning
  • Piping- Pneumatic & Mechanical Pigging
  • Plant decommissioning & demolition of piping systems
  • Vacuuming services- Wet or dry
  • Hydroblasting up to 20,000 psi
  • Pumping
  • Mobile heat & steam – heating of heavy petroleum – chemical flushes

With the industrial cleaning services offered at Avex Solution, your factory benefits from;

OSHA Expertise and Compliance: When it comes to health and safety, some companies face scrutiny at the highest level. With Avex services, be rest assured of a workplace health and safety specialist on your side. We’ll ensure that your workplace complies with all health and safety standards, including exposure control, chemical handling, and MSDS compliance.

  • Tough Solution: We combat stubborn and complex industrial cleaning situations with the most effective solution you can ever find in the cleaning industry.

Trust-Based Service: As a renowned Asheville Cleaning firm, we are fully bonded and insured, cleaning every industrial space in full uniform – ensuring your facility and industrial machines cleanliness.

  • Efficiency Built Service: Our technicians’ access to state-of-art cleaning equipment allows us to automate, map out, and streamline our services to deliver maximized efficiency.
  • Healthier Cleaning: A workplace-wide case of flu can damage business productivity and reputation. Avex is the only professional offering the Industrial machine cleaning in Asheville using an advanced EnviroShield disinfection system, the cleaning industry most effective.
  • Specialty Floor Cleaning: No matter your factory kind of floor, we have the equipment and qualified staff to clean and disinfect them.

Our foremost priority is to employ worthwhile measures to complete all projects with the highest possible quality while adhering and following the technical requirement.

Are you in need of a cleaning professional for your machines and workplace? We are your best plug! We will confidently and expertly provide the needed solutions for your company’s industrial cleaning needs. Contact Avex for a free quote: 828-381-s4224.

Industrial Machine Cleaning Asheville


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