Junk Hauling The Woodlands

Trash N Dash is a reliable and top of the line trash pickup and recycling company that can differentiate itself from other local haul and junk removal companies because of the tailor-made attention that we provide to our customers.

What sets us apart in the industry of junk hauling in The Woodlands? Simple: That we provide the best item pickup in Houston, TX.

Time and time again, we have received positive testimonies of our clients not only on the job well done, the professionalism and how on-time and effective the communication worked, and there are constant comments on the friendly and accommodating attitude of our employees.

When dealing with one’s belongings, past or future, there is a need for the person that works for you to be understanding and helpful at all times, and this is a quality Trash N Dash brings to the table every single time.

Another of the important distinctions that put us ahead of the competition are our company’s 24-7 communication channels. Even though most of the local competing companies can offer a reasonable schedule, in Trash N Dash, we decide to extend our junk removal in Houston service at any hour or day you may need us, for an inquiry, booking, or special arrangement. This is generally not a possibility in bigger, less personal business. This last thing is also to be considered, since our team will be at your disposal, even if we need to work after hours, to satisfy your needs.

As a plus, one of the many services and bonuses you can get choosing our preeminent services is that you won’t be put in the situation to incur any start-up cost, or a previous price arrangement that changes the minute the employees arrive. Our team will always be on time, in your preferred time slot, will revise all of your bulk items alongside you, agree on a price only there and then, and with the negotiation’s consent is where the pricing will take place.

Being on the site, we also provide waste containers and offer to arrange a pick-up If there’s extra trash discovered at the moment.

Also, we offer the possibility to renew your contract annually, we offer tenant retention, and our prices are coherent and adapt to your needs, if the job requires multi-properties, you can get up to 50% rebates!

Last but not least, in Trash N Dash, we have our dumpster rentals, called Dumpster Dash! These are reliable dumpster rentals that will assure you that your project will be managed efficiently, no matter if you are a homeowner, business owner, or contractor, that your project will be managed efficiently. Other types of rentals only offer one size, and they tend to a small one for specific purposes, but with us, you can choose from three types of size, depending on the job! We have multiple sized bins available, all designed for you to get the ideal capacity for your project.

Contact Trash N Dash and save $20 when you book online! 832-324-7794.

Junk Hauling The Woodlands

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