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Cleaning inside a server room is mandatory, even if you have set it up in a serene environment with little or no visible dust and dirt looming in the air. Occasionally, you also want to clean the internal of the server chassis using vacuum systems that blow out dust and do not interfere with the components. A professional cleaning company can help you avoid more significant problems, such as the risk of failing features when you have to take the entire server down.

What kind of training or skills do you want from your server cleaning company? Please stay away from server room cleaning companies that do not have proof of specialized training or the experience of working with established data centers for a while.

We are trained and experienced data center cleaners who have invested considerable time and money into the program. Our cleaning products and other products that enhance the sanitary state of the room have HIPPAA and PCI compliance, which means they are safe and efficient to use in the server room.

How We Ensure Excellent Server Room Cleaning

Use Dedicated Equipment For Data Center Cleaning And Sanitization

The cleaning equipment used should not harm your computers or yourself. Primarily, you want to use the kind of products that have the potential to eliminate dust and dirt without generating a static charge that will interfere with the data storage or transmission. We treat server rooms as entirely different entities and only use dedicated swaps, mops, and other cleaning products specific to the data room.

Use Approved Chemical Products For Cleaning A Data Center

The data center is not like a standard room where we can use ordinary janitorial soap and water to clean the floor and cabinets. The list of approved tools and chemicals will certainly not cause harm to your systems or the surrounding environment, which means you will not deal with rust, chemical erosion, or toxicity that harms your body. 

Strategic Server Room Cleaning Methods

Data centers should be cleaned using strategic cleaning methods, such as removing one tile at a time, to maintain the static pressure and prevent an imbalance of vital climatic conditions for the room.

Your IT management must show us which power outlet we can use for our data center cleaning products and systems because plugging into the ones containing your server could cause irreparable damage.

There is a slightly different process when cleaning your server room’s internal and external areas. The internal should never be cleaned with damp and disposable wipes that are not too wet that they leave a streak of moisture behind. The external surfaces, such as the floor, can be cleaned with wet mops that are not dripping with water.

Check For Zinc Whiskers

Zinc whiskers can cause severe airborne problems for your data center equipment. The cleaning staff has tools to remove them from all spaces and angles, which helps to reduce the risk of causing significant damage to various electrical systems.

A data center has so many layers, and there is no unique formula to suit all of them. Contact our data center cleaning contractors to book a consultation on your cleaning needs and an estimate for the wide range of superior data center cleaning services. Shop the store today for your data center fittings. 

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Server Room Cleaning Companies

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