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Sports Equipment Cleaning

Even before COVID 19 emergence, sporting gears and equipment are known to gather many germs and diets, which could be harmful to human health and cause a foul odor. COVID 19 has become a source of global concern to all industries, including sports. Every sector must take adequate steps to combat the spread of the virus and limit its infection rate. Business owners should undertake regular COVID 19 disinfection for businesses to protect their staff, customers, and the host community.

What Sports Equipment Cleaning Involves

There are different ways to clean sporting equipment. However, the primary method used by our company involves using ozone technology.

Ozone is a gas that naturally occurs in the atmosphere, known to destroy different harmful bacteria, for example, E.coli.

It is potent in killing bacteria and germs both on hard and soft surfaces.

In enclosed places where we find it difficult to use ozone, we use Sanitrol-MB, a broad-spectrum viral disinfectant. It is also known for its effective killing and inactivating viruses responsible for COVID 19.

Our teams of professional cleaners are always in protective gear to clean your equipment, and such gears are disposed immediately in a safe way to prevent further contamination.

Our Services

Operating at a very affordable rate for all sport equipment owners in Canada, we use the latest ozone technology to get germs, viruses, and infectious bacteria away from your equipment. We offer indoors and outdoors services, i.e., we can bring our equipment to your field, ring, or offices. Better still, you can leave your equipment with us, and we assure you of perfect services.

As one of the leading Canadian COVID 19 decontamination services, we do our job with utmost determination, ensuring everywhere is clean and free from the virus. Most times, people pick up Coronavirus from infected surfaces such as doorknobs, railings, etc. Our teams of professionals are trained and educated on the best practices to disinfect for COVID 19 in Canada and executing each cleanup excellently.

At CleanQuip Systems, our clients' health and comfort are vital to us, which is why the methods used for each cleanup are safe and do not damage your sports equipment, now and in the future.

Cleaning for COVID 19 in Canada should be undertaken regularly by every business or facilities to prevent an outbreak in your community. If any member of your team records symptoms of the virus, ensure him/her self-isolates, and contact our COVID 19 cleanup company to thoroughly clean your sports equipment and entire facility to keep people safe from the virus.

By engaging our services, we assure you of:

  • A process free from hazards and safe for the environment,
  • Removal of foul odors from your sporting equipment and offices,
  • Elimination of 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and viruses,
  • Longer lasting sporting equipment and gears, and
  • Prevention of damage caused by overuse of chemical cleaning agents on sports equipment.

The COVID 19 virus does not exempt infecting anyone, which is why precautions must be taken by all, including sports services and businesses. Regular disinfection and decontamination helps to curtail an outbreak and can save millions of lives. Contact CleanQuip Systems Inc. for the best COVID 19 cleaning services in Canada: 1-844-525-3262.

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